Once you make your Will, you can easily make it legal by signing it with your witnesses. You have assets, money or property you want to be distributed to individuals or organizations after your death. You need to appoint a guardian to care for your minor children if you and the other parent cannot. Please note: This document is suitable for most estates.

Assets can be anything you want to leave to a person or organization. Debt Your executor or person administering your estate oversees settling your debt.

First assets go to the cost of probate and funeral expenses. Then your assets go towards paying off debt. While you may not specifically discuss debt in your Will, it should be something you keep in mind when assigning assets. Will How do I make a will?

Witness signatures are also needed. All those who sign must be of legal age and mentally competent. In some states, beneficiaries are restricted from being witnesses.

As an added layer of validation, some have the witnesses sign a notarized Affidavit stating that they saw you sign the Will. Most states do not require a notary, but witnesses are required.

What should I do after making a will? Your lawyer should also have a copy. If you make changes to your Will, make sure to include those changes with the existing copies. If the amendments you need to make to your will are minor, you can add a Codicil to your will. In most cases, there is no need to redo your entire Will.

These days, you may want to leave instructions for what should happen to your digital assets. Digital assets may include information stored on hard drives, laptops or online accounts. You can leave instructions to have accounts closed or files destroyed if desired. Make sure to leave your usernames and passwords so the person you assigned to manage your digital assets can fulfill their duties. We offer all the documents you may need for your estate planning.

Visit our Estate Planning Center or our Estate Planning Guide for additional information. Female testators are often referred to as the testatrix. Designate a BeneficiaryA beneficiary is a person or organization who will receive a gift under your Will.

Designating a beneficiary allows you to control who will receive your property after you pass away and help avoid any confusion or disputes. In that case your friends or charities would receive nothing. If you die without a valid Will, your property will instead be distributed by a court-appointed administrator according to a pre-determined formula (defined in state law).

Without a Will, you would not be able to give your property to a non-relative or to exclude relatives. Any person of legal age (usually years of age) may make a Last Will, although an exception may be made if you are marrie in the military, or have been legally emancipated. Who can make a Last Will?

You can give away most, but not all, of your property in a Last Will. When choosing a guardian you should consider the following questions:Is the guardian of legal age? Your proposed guardian must be an adult. Does the proposed guardian have the time and ability to care for my child? Is my child comfortable around the proposed guardian?

Where does the proposed guardian live? It is also a good idea to discuss any concerns regarding the care of your pets with trusted friends and family. Ideally you should also leave a spare house key with a person you trust to allow for expedient care of your pets in the case of an emergency.

Can I make a gift to a charity in my Will? LawDepot’s questionnaire will help you accurately designate your gift to ensure that your contribution will be properly disbursed. Yes, you can make a gift to a charitable organization in your Will.

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Note that wills are very personal documents and needs vary from person to person, so take care to use this template as a guide to create a last will and testament . Instant download (Word or PDF). Distribute your property, name guardians, and appoint an . A last will and testament is a legal document outlining your wishes for how your property and affairs are to be handled when you pass away, and how you wish .

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